MagSi-DNA beads can be used as a solid phase support phase in DNA extraction and purification protocols by using a simple bind/wash/elute principle. They are intended for own development of protocols and available with a range of physical properties and a silica or carboxyl modified surface.
MagSi-DNA kits are meant for the extraction of genomic DNA from whole blood, saliva or vegetal material.
Finally, we offer a range of PCR Clean-upDNA Size Selection and Dye-Terminator removal options.


Fast and Cost-effective Extraction of Genomic DNA from Saliva


Saliva is rapidly becoming an attractive alternative source of DNA for genetics testing. Unlike blood or tissues, saliva can be collected non-invasive by individuals with little training, and without the need for expensive equipment. Saliva preserved in collection kits is stable for years at room temperature, facilitating easy transportation and storage.

The MagSi-DNA saliva kit provides a fast and simple procedure for DNA extraction from saliva. The kit is compatible with fresh saliva samples as well as saliva preserved in sample collection kits such as Oragene DNA Collection Kits (DNA Genotek) and DANASALIVA Sample Collection Kit (Danagen). Genomic DNA obtained with MagSi-DNA saliva is of the highest quality and is compatible with applications like PCR, Southern Blotting, genetic typing or mutation analysis.

MagSi-DNA saliva is based on magnetic bead technology, and is suitable for extraction of DNA from human saliva or buccal swabs. The kit includes magnetic beads, buffers and Proteinase K, and is easy to automate for high-throughput processing.


Key features and benefits:

•Sample collection is non-invasive, risk free, and painless

  • •More affordable than blood testing
  • •Fast and easy processing using magnetic beads
  • •Suitable for automated liquid handlers
  • •Yields high quality genomic DNA
  • •Compatible with fresh saliva samples as well as sample collection and preservation kits

Art.No. Product Volume
MD60002 MagSi-DNA saliva 96 preps
MD61002 MagSi-DNA saliva 10 x 96 preps
MD62002 MagSi-DNA saliva 10 x 960 preps