MagSi-DNA beads can be used as a solid phase support phase in DNA extraction and purification protocols by using a simple bind/wash/elute principle. They are intended for own development of protocols and available with a range of physical properties and a silica or carboxyl modified surface.
MagSi-DNA kits are meant for the extraction of genomic DNA from whole blood, saliva or vegetal material.
Finally, we offer a range of PCR Clean-upDNA Size Selection and Dye-Terminator removal options.


Simple Dye-Terminator Removal

Magnetic bead-based MagSi-DT Removal offers an efficient solution for Dye-Terminator removal from BigDye® sequencing reactions. Post-cycle sequencing reaction contaminants that interfere with sequencing analysis (in particular unincorporated dyes) are removed by a rapid clean-up method without centrifugation or filtration. The kit can be used in high-throughput processes with 96 and 384 well plates on automated liquid handling platforms.
MagSi-DT Removal provides an efficient solution for Dye-Terminator removal from BigDye® sequencing reactions. The kit is optimized for use on Biomek® Laboratory Automation Workstations and Hamilton® Microlab® STARTM Line. Post-cycle sequencing reaction contaminants that interfere with sequencing analysis (in particular unincorporated dyes) are removed by a rapid clean-up method without centrifugation or filtration. MagSi-DT Removal can be used in high-throughput processes with 96 and 384 well plates.



High quality results

•Efficient removal of unincorporated Dye-Terminators and salts

  • •High signal intensities and long Phred 20 read lengths
  • •High pass rates
  • •Consistent performance


Flexible and cost-saving

•Straightforward protocol with bind-wash-elute procedure

  • •No need for centrifugation or filtration
  • •Competitive pricing
  • •Save reagent costs by using only 0.5 μL BigDye®
  • •Clean-up directly in reaction plates


Easy to automate

•Identical protocol as competitor magnetic beads Agencourt CleanSEQ®

  • •Optimized for use on Biomek® Laboratory Automation Workstations and Hamilton® Microlab STARline
  • •Compatible with many other different automated liquid handling systems (e.g. PerkinElmer®, Caliper Life Sciences®, etc.)


Art.No. Product Volume
MDKT00040008 MagSi-DT Removal 8 ml
MDKT00040050 MagSi-DT Removal 50 ml
MDKT00040500 MagSi-DT Removal 500 ml