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[Bioanalyzer] Next-generation sequencing(1)
글번호 3 등록일 2019-04-02
등록자 운영자 조회수 730명
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Quantitation after 4 PCR cycles

Kit: High Sensitivity DNA kit

Software Assay: High Sensitivity DNA assay


The High Sensitivity DNA kit was used for quality control of amplified and purified DNA samples from the post-hybridization PCR amplification step before sequencing during the SureSelect Target Enrichment workflow. The electropherograms of typical PCR amplified DNA libraries show a smear from 150 to 350 nucleotides. The key observation clearly shown in figure B, is that the quality of the PCR product is dependent on the number of PCR cycles performed. After 14 PCR cycles, an additional DNA smear at approximately 500 bp was detected in the electropherogram. The highly sensitive nature of the High Sensitivity DNA kit allowed the amplified DNA to be detected and reliably quantified, even after only four PCR cycles. Thus, the number of library PCR cycles can be reduced, removing amplification bias and significantly improving the data quality with increased accuracy.
Application note: 5990-5008EN



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