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[Fragment Analyzer] Microsatellite Analysis
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Fast, Effective, and Qualitative Analysis of Nucleic Acids

With slab gel methods, analysis of DNA fragments is time-consuming due to the manual labor involved with preparation of slab gels, and error prone due to the human factor of trying to correctly call fragment sizes. The Fragment Analyzer solves both problems. The instrument accelerates and automates capillary electrophoresis, dramatically improving the accuracy of genetic marker analysis. It provides significantly higher sensitivity and fragment resolution than slab gel methods. Because it has the ability to operate in either qualitative or quantitative mode – along with the option to analyze 12, 48, or 96 samples simultaneously – the Fragment Analyzer’s remarkable flexibility satisfies the constantly evolving needs of laboratories.


High Resolution Over a Wide Fragment Range

Example separation of a 100 bp Ladder, with time scale, separated under normal run conditions (DNF-910 Kit). Lower and Upper Alignment Markers and fragment sizes are shown.

Analysis Capabilities

For Use With:

•Microsatellites or other common repetitive sequences
•PCR amplicons
•Restriction enzyme digests
•DNA fragments
•Supercoiled and linear plasmid
•Mutated DNA

For Projects involving:

•Marker assisted selection/breeding
•Population mapping
•Identifying QTLs
•Cloned fragment identification/confirmation
•Gene expression

Features and Benefits

Room Temperature Stable Reagents

- Prepared kit reagents can be kept on
   instrument for up to 14 days.

Load Multiple Gels Onto Instrument

- Seamlessly switch between different
  applications or fragment sizes.
  Reduces instrument down time.

Separate Over Wide Fragment Range

- One instrument to handle very small fragments
   to very large fragments with tailored gel kits
   optimized for maximum resolution.

Attain High Sensitivity

- With sensitivities down to 5 pg/μL for a single
   fragment, cycle time, or PCR reagent volume
   reduction may be realized.


Achieve High Separation Resolution and Sizing Accuracy

- Confidently resolve small differences between
   fragments, as low as 3 bp for fragments under 300 bp

Automated Sample Handling

- No repetitive pipetting steps, simply load samples in a
   96-well plate or 12-well strip tubes.

Variable Throughput

- Space to hold up to 288 samples (3 x 96-well plates).
   Tray holders are accessible for sample loading during

Powerful Data Analysis Software

- PROSize Data Analysis Software automates post-
   electrophoresis analysis. Digital data collection shows
   excellent details. The Flag Analysis feature outputs
   results in binary fashion, while the Overlay and
   Reporting features efficiently generate publication
   quality documents.


High Sizing Accuracy

Serially diluted 1,500 bp fragment. Sizing accuracy and precision over the wide dynamic concentration range is shown.


High Resolution Under 300 bp

Resolution of Small Fragments, 3 bp Separation of Main Peaks

Fragment Analysis of rice plant DNA. Expected and observed sizes of microsatellite amplicons matched at 120 bp and 123 bp.


Resolution of Fragments for KRAS/EGFR Genes, 4 bp Resolution

Fragment analysis of KRAS/EGFR gene amplification from human gDNA. Control amplification of key exons from each gene is shown. An example at 4 bp resolution is shown (117 bp and 121 bp).


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