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현장 대응형 Real Time PCR  qSEEK BTS 는 현장에서 다양한 검체를 분석할 수 있는 가장 효율적인 현장 대응형 Real Time PCR 입니다.

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2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-n 

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[IDT] PACE™ genotyping  For cost effective screening, especially beneficial for high throughput projects

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[IDT] rhAmp® SNP Genotyping Sy  Accurate, affordable genotyping with the next evolution of PCR

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[Fragment Analyzer] Small Frag  The HS Small Fragment Kit was designed for the automated analysis of small, low concentration DNA samples. Able to size DNA fragments and smears from 50 bp –; 1,500 bp with unparalleled accuracy, the kit is ideal for the evaluation of small RNA NGS libraries. Other applications include genotyping, the quantitative analysis of PCR amplicons, and microsatellites.

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[Fragment Analyzer] Microsatel  The Agilent Fragment Analyzer system is the ideal solution for PCR fragment analysis. Dynamic throughput allows you to modulate throughput to meet your needs, while a powerful 3 bp separation resolution provides you with enhanced sizing and the ability to distinguish closely sized fragments so you can get to your results faster.

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[Fragment Analyzer] dsDNA Reag  The dsDNA Reagent Kit (35-1500bp) (DNF-910) is a qualitative kit for the automated sizing of DNA fragments between 35 bp and 1,500 bp.

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[Bioanalyzer] Next-generation   DNA library QC in target enrichment and next-gen sequencing workflows

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[Fragment Analyzer] CRISPR/Cas  Fragment Analyzer Automated CE System. Identify Single-Cell Mutations and Determine Mutation Frequency

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[PlatR] Easy Tips to Improve Y  Before putting on another tip, check out this set of 12 EASY TIPS that will skyrocket your pipetting technique. ; Feel free to share it with your lab buddies or pin a printout in your lab.

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